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garage door can improve the convenience factor at your home. Think about the many times you need to unload groceries or family members in the rain or other inclement weather. In those moments, having the shelter and protection of a garage can make things a lot easier.

Inclement weather can also lead to power outages, which can affect the operation of your garage door. What a shame when your garage door fails to work in moments when you need it most. But there’s an easy solution — battery backup. Here’s a look at the many reasons why you should secure a garage door opener that includes a battery backup.

No More Release Mechanism

Your garage door can work manually, as required by law. Each door includes a release mechanism that deactivates the garage door opener and lets you lift the door on your own. But how many homeowners want to lift their doors on their own? The doors are heavy, and these release mechanisms are sometimes balky after months or even years of non-use. A battery backup can remove the need for you to use the release mechanism in case of power outages.

The Convenience Factor

The garage has become the front door for many homeowners and families. They use the garage door to enter and leave the home more than the traditional entryway, and it’s important this new front door be as dependable and convenient as possible. A battery backup secures your home’s convenience, ensuring you enjoy the smooth operation of this front door no matter what’s going on with your power supply.

Can You Retrofit?

If your home does not have a battery backup, you may be wondering if you have to purchase battery backup as an add-on feature. Unfortunately, the answer is no. If you want a battery backup for your garage door opener, you’ll need to browse the many modern garage door opener options on the market to find the make and model that perfectly meets your need and provides the convenience you want out of a garage door.

Keeping Your Backup Dependable

Even battery backups need maintenance from time to time. Listen for tones coming from your garage door opener. This can be a sign the power in your battery backup system is running low. Also, the wall panel control should have a light that indicates how much battery power you have left.

From time to time, you should also unplug your main power source and test out the battery backup to ensure it’s working properly. A battery backup should enhance the convenience of your garage door and its operation, so take these measures to ensure your battery backup is ready to leap to action when needed.

Cookson Garage Doors: Your Source for Battery Backup

At Cookson Garage Doors, we offer a wide range of garage door and garage door opener products, including garage door openers that feature dependable battery backup systems. Are you looking to enhance the convenience of your home? Let the garage door experts at Cookson be your source for service.

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