Accidents happen every day in business, especially companies and organizations with a lot of heavy machinery. But when someone runs a forklift through your garage door, that’s not the kind of accident you can overlook. When your commercial door has been damaged or isn’t functioning properly, where do you turn? Trust Cookson Door Sales of Arizona. We don’t just sell garage doors—we make sure your product stays functional and protective with commercial garage door repair for Scottsdale, AZ businesses and commercial properties in surrounding areas.

Problems You May Experience with Your Commercial Garage Door

  • The garage door opener isn’t working properly.
  • The door doesn’t close all the way or open completely.
  • The door opens again after closing.
  • The door seems to be “heavy” or moving slowly.
  • The surface of the door—or the entire door—has been damaged.

Any of these problems can spill over into the effectiveness of your business or organization. You might have some downtime or risk the security of your building.

Don’t Worry—We Have the Solution

Our technicians are trained to repair and service products from over 20 manufacturers: roll-up doors, sectional doors, fire doors, high-speed doors, security gates and grills, hanger doors, impact traffic doors, and dock equipment. We understand that time is money, so we offer 24/7 service to get your problem fixed fast.

We also recommended regular maintenance for your commercial door. By examining the garage door opener, tracks, and surface, we’ll remove potential problems, saving you time and money.

With Cookson Door Sales, you can keep things running smoothly with reduced downtime, extend the life of your door, and keep your property safe from intruders. Remember, for commercial garage door repair, Phoenix, AZ contractors, building owners, and even government officials have relied on us. Let your business be next to experience quick and efficient service. Reach us at 480-377-8777 today.