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So you need a new garage door opener, but you’re overwhelmed by the options. This is perfectly normal. Consumers are lucky to have so many options when it comes to garage door openers, but these options can often make it difficult to pinpoint the perfect garage door opener for a specific homeowner’s needs. To help you make sense of your many garage door opener options, here’s a rundown of key considerations:


The first choice relates to your garage door opener’s drive. You’ll find three options: chain drives, belt drives and screw drives. Chain drives are most common, most durable and most affordable, but chain drives are also louder than the second-most-popular option — the belt drive. Belt driven garage door openers are a little more expensive and require a little more maintenance, but they are also far quieter, which is helpful if you have a bedroom or living area adjacent to the garage. Screw drive garage door openers use a trolley that travels along the track. They are also quiet and require little in the way of maintenance.


Garage door openers are subject to a number of regulations that enhance safety and reduce the chances of an accident. But the most modern garage door openers offer a range of advanced safety features that not only keep your garage door’s operation safe but that also keep your home safer and more secure from anyone trying to get inside while you’re out of town or out and about.


Most garage door openers offer ½ horsepower, but you can find residential options up to 1½ horsepower. A traditional, sectional garage door should only require the low end of that range, but a more powerful garage door opener with greater horsepower will suffer less wear because it’s not working as hard. Anything beyond 1½ horsepower is really for commercial garage doors and is way more in power than you’ll need at your home.

Other Features:

As with all home appliances, you’ll find garage door openers that include a series of advanced features like smartphone compatibility and Wi-Fi connectivity. Are these features important? It depends on your needs and how you use your garage door opener. Your best bet is to talk to someone knowledgeable about garage door openers — someone who can learn about your needs and make recommendations on what device would work best at your home.

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