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Many who are building new homes or renovating old ones have a chance to look at their garages and decide between a single garage door that fits two vehicles, or two garage doors that fit just one each. Is there a benefit to choosing a one-door garage in Phoenix, AZ rather than a two-door garage? As with so many home-related decisions, it depends on your specific home and your unique needs. To help you make the best decision between a one-door and a two-door garage in Phoenix, AZ, here is a look at the benefits of each.


A single garage door can be more affordable than having two separate garage doors. Why? Because you need more materials and more labor for two doors rather than one, even considering that the one door is twice as large as either of the single doors.

Then, there is also the cost of operation. Two garage doors mean twice as many opportunities for something to go wrong. You may end up spending more over the life your two garage doors.


This really comes down to personal preference. Some may like the look of one single garage door, and others may prefer the look of two garage doors. This is another case where your home’s look and its full architecture matter. When you are looking at a new home, the right garage design may depend on the rest of the home’s architecture and what ends up looking like a good fit.


When you choose two garage doors, you usually have access to your garage. That is, when one garage door is not operating properly, it’s likely the other one will be. However, if you have one car you park in the garage or if you like to park creatively, you enjoy fewer options with a two-door garage. There will be a pillar in the middle of the garage that doesn’t allow you to park in the middle.

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