There’s little more annoying than a garage door that sounds like an earthquake each time you raise and lower it. Surely you can find quiet garage door openers in Arizona. But where? And what specifically do you look for?

Garage door openers are like almost any other product in that you often get what you pay for, but there are ways to search for value and find the perfect unit for your home — the one that delivers the performance, quietness and price you really want and need. For you, the homeowner searching for both quiet and value in a garage door opener, here’s a rundown of all you need to know before you go shopping.

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Three Types of Drives

Punch the button on your garage door opener and look up at the unit. You’ll notice a drive that’s doing all the heavy lifting. This drive falls into one of three categories:

Which is best for you? That depends on your situation. Read on to learn about other factors in your garage door opener purchase and which drive type is best for your needs.

Location: It Matters

Where is your garage located? If it’s underneath a bedroom or abutting living spaces, quiet is most likely a key factor, but what if you have a detached garage? Is it worth paying a premium to get a belt driven garage door opener when there’s little chance of disturbing anyone in your home? Or, if your bedrooms are on the far side of the house from the garage, is quiet still of the utmost importance? It’s all up to you and what you want for your home, of course, but consider these factors before making a decision.

Take Care of Maintenance First

Before you decide to run out and get a belt driven garage door opener to quiet the racket, take care of a little garage door maintenance first. Your garage door is under a massive amount of weight and tension, which can cause it to bend out of shape over time. It’s important to perform regular maintenance to make sure your door is raising and lowering as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Ensure you’re lubricating your door on a regular basis, too. This could be the main reason the noise is getting louder as you raise and lower your door. The proper lubrication can make it easier for your door to open and close, which should greatly reduce the noise. Also, give your door a visual once-over. This can help make certain everything is in its right place and that you’re not dealing with a greater issue. Of course, many garage door service providers will stop by and inspect your garage door as part of regular service. A professional can help indicate areas for improvement or parts that need repair, and a professional can also make recommendations on the best garage door opener for your home.

If maintenance doesn’t reduce the noise, then you should consider a garage door opener upgrade to something a little quieter.

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