Garage Door Installation

We’d all like to believe service industries are full of ethical, effective companies that are always looking out for their customers’ best interest. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case in the garage door industry and other service fields. How can you avoid getting scammed on garage door repair or installation? Here are a few tips for finding the best service providers — and for avoiding the scam artists.

Enjoy Options

Don’t settle for the first quote you get. Actively solicit multiple bids before choosing a garage door repair or installation company. This cuts both ways. First, if you get a bid that’s much higher than the others, the company may be trying to take advantage of you. If you get a bid that’s much lower than the others, the company may be trying to cut corners and offer less-than-stellar service in exchange for the lower price point.

Stay Away From Specialists

Find a company that offers repair and installation. Some companies offer repair alone, which you should take as a red flag. Companies that offer only repair may be trying to capitalize on the urgency with which you need repairs. That is, they may count on your needing repairs to badly you don’t conduct due diligence in finding a service provider. They might also try to convince you that you need repairs you really don’t.

Find a Reference

There are so many online review sites that can help you find the right garage door repair and installation company for your needs — one that truly wants to serve your best interests. Aside from online review sites, go with the tried and true — the Better Business Bureau. The BBB gives A+ ratings to businesses with a proven track record of serving customers without receiving excessive complaints.

Listen for the Name

How does the company answer when you call? If they offer a generic greeting, something like “garage door company,” they may be simply moonlighting in garage door repair as part of a diversified business. Instead, look for a company that focuses only on garage doors and provides a comprehensive selection of products and services.

See Through Advertising

If a company advertises a lot, is that a good thing? Excessive advertising could mean they’re trying to make up for a bad reputation. Or excessive advertising could mean higher prices as that company tries to cover its marketing budget. Also, beware of phony discounts and unsourced claims, such as companies that state they are “five-star rated” without mentioning who has rated them as five stars.

Find Bricks and Mortar

Your garage door company should have a storefront. This demonstrates a history and investment in the community. Some service providers may work from home and use only a truck. While you may find good solo service providers who operate this way, your odds of getting great service are far better with an established, brick-and-mortar company.

Watch Costs

Once you do choose a provider, make sure to keep an eye on costs. Tell the technician not to go beyond the initial quote without talking to you first, and be vigilant when presented with add-on repairs and services that seem unnecessary.

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