Garage door openers deliver incredible convenience to homeowners today. When you want a garage door opener that is going to make your home’s operation more streamlined and efficient, you will find a number of different horsepower options. Which is the best option for your home and its garage door? It all depends on your unique circumstances.

Here is a look at different horsepower considerations to help you make the best choice from among garage door openers in Gilbert, AZ, Scottsdale, Phoenix and the surrounding areas.

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Different Horsepower Options

Before addressing different horsepower options, it is important to know that any garage door should be able to be lifted by human strength, too. A garage door needs to be balanced in order to lift easily, whether by hand or by a motor. If your garage door is becoming heavy and difficult to raise, you may need a maintenance visit from a professional who can help with balancing.

When searching for new garage door openers in Phoenix, AZ, Scottsdale, Gilbert and the nearby communities, you will typically find three horsepower options:

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