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After another blistering summer, you’ve contemplated replacing your home’s ugly, old garage doors. Notwithstanding the fact that your air-conditioning bill has skyrocketed from using energy-inefficient doors over the years, you also dislike the look of your old garage doors. Phoenix, AZ homeowners need quality, insulated doors for their garages, and it’s time you got yours!

So, what are the main benefits of new garage doors? Aside from finally ridding yourself of construction-grade garage doors in Scottsdale, AZ or Queen Creek, you will also enjoy these three important benefits:

  1. New garage doors cut down on energy bills. Homeowners are generally surprised when they’re told how much energy is lost simply from opening and closing a garage door multiple times a day. The energy impact is even more serious if garage doors are uninsulated, particularly if there’s living space above the garage. Purchasing insulated garage doors has a positive effect on overall energy use.
  2. A new look personalizes your home and increases its value. Although other issues may compete for your attention and resources, new garage doors benefit your home by making it look distinctive. The fact is, a garage takes up considerable facade space. There’s no better way to improve your home’s curb appeal (and its value) than by replacing aging garage doors with something truly unique and personal.
  3. Today’s garage doors are built to last. When you choose the right product, your investment will last for many years. At Cookson Door Sales of Arizona, we install superior garage doors for Scottsdale, AZ homes as well as other homes and businesses in the greater Phoenix area. Browse our Clopay garage doors that combine distinctive beauty and durability, then see how our designs will look on your home at our ‘build your own door’ page!

Contact your Cookson Door representative today for fabulous new garage doors tomorrow.