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Garage doors are an everyday convenience, but you’ve probably never considered how vulnerable this area of your home is. Garage doors can provide adequate security for your home as long as you properly maintain them and remember to keep them closed. However, many intruders have developed methods to take advantage of your home’s limited garage door security by copying your opener’s frequency to their own remotes or even simply lifting roll-up doors.

So how can you improve your garage door security measures and prevent unwanted intruders? With today’s technology, there are several tips you can implement to protect your home against theft, including:

  • Keeping Your Garage Door Closed: While a simple solution, you reduce the chance of inviting burglars into your home. You should also lock any entry doors attached to the garage and cover any windows.
  • Performing Regular Maintenance: With proper maintenance performed by a professional annually, you can ensure all door parts and the opener are functioning correctly.
  • Upgrading Your Opener: Many openers available today are wonderful solutions for added home security — some models can control lights, feature rolling opener codes, have vacation modes for when you’re away and can automatically close without pushing a button. Several machines can even be integrated with existing home security systems.
  • Adding Surveillance: Installing home security cameras today are relatively inexpensive, and having these and motion detection lights can deter unwanted visitors.
  • Replacing Damaged Door Openers: If your garage door opener is damaged or broken, replace it to reduce easy entry opportunities for thieves.

Garage Door Technology to Improve Security

Did you know several leading brands have developed devices you can use to help with your home security efforts? At Cookson Door Sales, we offer several garage door accessories and openers with today’s latest technologies that substantially improve your home security, including MyQ technology and Security+2.0.

Other gadgets you can purchase to add even more garage security include:

  • LiftMaster Mini Remote Control: These small remotes are perfect to attach to your keychain, so you keep the opener with you at all times. They’re equipped with rolling codes and compatible with all LiftMaster machines made after 1993.
  • Magic Closer Automatic Garage Door Closer: Are you always leaving your garage door open? With this easily installed device, you can program your door to close after five minutes, 15 minutes or six hours — it all depends on your situation.
  • Shield Emergency Release: By inserting a coat hanger into the top of your garage, thieves can pull your garage door’s emergency release, detaching the door from the opener and allowing them to open the door from the outside. This shield attached to the emergency release bar and blocks the handle from being tampered with from the outside.
  • A Lock: Locks may not be a convenient solution for everyday use, but you can install them on the inside of the door and engage them while you’re away.

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