Garage Door Installation

Garage doors are naturally noisy while operating, but have you noticed excessive sounds like grinding, creaking, squeaking or rattling? When opening and closing, garage doors create vibrations that can loosen parts and hardware, which is often the cause of a noisy garage door. Even though your garage door will always create some racket while operating, there are several maintenance tasks you can perform to reduce additional noises:

  • Tighten any loose nuts, bolts or other hardware
  • Regularly lubricate all moving parts of your garage door — including hinges, rollers, springs and tracks — to quiet any noise and prevent rust buildup
  • Inspect the condition of your rollers and tracks to ensure they’re rolling through and not damaged or worn
  • Upgrade your metal rollers to nylon for less noise and maintenance
  • Keep the chain of your chain-belt driven garage door opener well-lubricated — do not lubricate the rubber on a belt-operated opener
  • Check that your weatherstripping isn’t worn or missing, as the door will make a loud bang sound when it closes

Is The Noise Your Garage Door Opener?

Not only can the parts and hardware of your garage be the culprit of your unwanted noise, but your garage door opener could be the source of strange sounds. Some common causes of a garage door opener making unusual sounds include if the machine is at least 20 years old, or if its chain-operated. Next time you open or close your garage door, listen for any of these sounds and note their causes:

  • Straining: Inadequate horsepower or a defective motor
  • Grinding: Poor lubrication of moving parts like the chain
  • Rattling: A loose chain or support rails

If you note any of these opener sounds, call your trusted garage door experts at Cookson Door Sales. We can evaluate the cause of your noises and either make repairs or recommend upgrades to reduce garage door noise.


Reduce Garage Door Noise With Garage Door Maintenance

To best reduce garage door noise and keep your garage door system in proper condition — ensuring its longevity and long lifespan — trust a professional to perform garage door maintenance at least once per year. Most homeowners use their garage doors more frequently than their front doors, and with regular use, your garage door’s hardware and opener will be subject to normal wear and tear.

At Cookson Door Sales, we reliably perform regular maintenance in the Phoenix area. During a visit, we will check your door panels, hardware, tracks, rollers, springs and cables — lubricating and testing all moving parts to ensure proper functionality. As needed, we’ll recommend any necessary repairs, so your system never fails and maintains quiet operations.

Trust Cookson Door Sales To Help Reduce Your Garage Door Noise

For the most reliable, comprehensive and affordable garage door installation and maintenance services in the Phoenix, AZ, area, call the professionals at Cookson Door Sales. Since 1991, we’ve been the most trusted garage door servicing company in town, so we understand the unique needs of Arizona homeowners. Our goal is always to provide high-quality and knowledgeable services — that’s why we offer free project estimates and emergency 24-hour services to all of our local customers.

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