Wood Line Collection

Customers who purchase a new Clopay door have a chance to win $250 when they upload “before and after photos” of their garage makeover to the Before and After Contest gallery at www.clopaydoor.com

Homeowners are asked to include a brief explanation about why they replaced their garage door, what inspired their door design choice (perhaps a suggestion from a design savvy dealer), what friends and family are saying about their home’s new look, and most importantly, who they purchased their door from.

Clopay then e-mails them a link to forward to friends, family and neighbors encouraging them to visit the site and vote for their home. The “before and after” with the highest rating wins! (if more than one entry has the same rating then the winner is the highest rating and the most votes). The dealer who installed the winning door gets $100 debit card!

We currently have 6 entries to our competition. A picture definitely tells a story with the amazing transformations made to these homes with their new Clopay door(s). Each entry clearly displays where the door was purchased and who installed it. With over 100,000 unique visitors to the site every month this is a cost effective and easy way to advertise your dealership.

Door Imagination System

Since launching the on-line door imagination system in mid-February, 10,000 homes have been uploaded. 1,600 of those homes have been saved to the My Folder feature on the site (which enables users to share their images with friends, family or you, via e-mail). The remaining 8,400 have been printed by the consumer to either share with others or take directly to their local dealer showroom.
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