Woodfold Roll-Up Doors

Elegant Solutions To Securing And Dividing Space

We’re one of the very few companies who still offer overhead coiling doors in beautiful and durable hardwoods – even FSC® woods. (FSC® products may be used toward LEED® credits and other green building programs that require certified sustainable wood products.) We use only the finest, like oak, maple, birch, mahogany, and cherry, and apply rich, gorgeous finishes that bring out the natural beauty of these woods. We can custom match your existing millwork or décor, with clear finishes, custom stains, or custom paints. Each piece of our Roll-Up Doors are individually finished, and fully assembled at the factory, prior to shipment. Our precision manufacturing, quality control, and packaging ensuring a product that arrives at the job site in one piece and provide for smooth rolling action year after year. Let it roll with your choice of manual, motorized, or crank operation.


Beautiful, and all business – We custom build to fit virtually any commercial installation: banks, hotels, bars and restaurants, schools, offices, and churches. Top-mounted roll-ups secure customer windows or service areas at closing time, define public and private areas, and let customers know when the bar is open–or closed–in the classic style of a roll-top desk. Choose from a variety of latches and locks for added security.


So many uses, they’re on a roll – Woodfold Roll-Up Doors provide sophistication and smooth, problem-free performance, tailored to your needs. These top-mount doors can luxuriously camouflage a wall-size entertainment center, lock away a residence home kitchen for safety, or create a glorious treatment for your bathroom vanity.

Hardwood Options

Woodfold Roll-Up Doors are custom-crafted of the finest natural hardwoods, including:

  • Northern Red Oak
  • Eastern Maple
  • Natural Birch
  • African Mahogany
  • American Cherry

We can also build our Roll-Up Doors in nearly any other hardwood you’d prefer. Simply talk with your distributor, or call us direct.

Stains & Finishes

While it’s our woodworking process that sets Woodfold custom Roll-Up Doors apart, you’ll also appreciate the absolute consistency of our factory finish. Each piece of every door is individually finished prior to assembly in order to assure flawless coverage.

Our use of the finest natural hardwoods enables us to apply rich, gorgeous finishes. Choose from factory finished clear lacquers or custom stains and/or paints that match your existing millwork or décor. All factory clear coat finishes designated Sherwin Williams GreenSure products.

Also available in FSC® certified woods

Woodfold is certified to manufacture and sell FSC® hardwood roll-up doors. FSC® products may be used toward LEED® credits and other green building programs that require certified sustainable wood products. Ask about our FSC® certified material (license number: FSC-C021909).

Where to buy Woodfold Roll-Up Doors

Custom Hardwood Roll-Up/Coiling Doors are available through a variety of specialty door and architectural product distributors/installers in the United States, Canada, UK, Australia, and select other countries. Please

Project Type: Hospitality Venue Security

Problem: An upscale bar wanted to minimize the time and labor involved in setting up and closing operations each day. Reducing theft was also a key objective.

Solution/Description of the Installation: By installing a series of Woodfold’s lockable Roll-Up Doors, the business does not need to set up its bar stock every day and remove it every night—bottles, glassware, and displays can remain in place and ready for the next business day. New lockable, custom-stained hardwood doors were matched to the bar’s existing millwork, and reduce costly inventory loss.

Woodfold Roll-Up Door Documentation

At Woodfold, we’re dedicated to continuing our 50-year tradition of providing you with the finest in custom craftsmanship, product selection and value. But we don’t stop there. We’re also committed to making your job easier and as problem-free as possible. The information below is designed to simplify your specification process and help ensure the selection of a Woodfold Roll-Up Door that bests meets your client’s needs and application requirements.

Woodfold Roll-Up Door Installation

Type of Mount

Between Wall on Face of Lintel

Between Wall Without Lintel