Series 240: Residential/Commercial Accordion Doors

No other accordion door on the market matches the flexibility of Woodfold’s Series 240 doors, and no other is specified more often. Whether added to residential, commercial, institutional or industrial settings, this Series delivers the high-use durability needed to successfully reconfigure space in homes, offices, schools, restaurants – all in stunning style. As you’d expect, options abound: curvable tracks, locks, latches, multiple meeting posts, plus finishes ranging from natural hardwoods, Vinyl-Lam, custom paint or stains, even applied murals. Durability, however, is not optional. Series 240 features Woodfold’s exclusive steel hardware system that assure flawless performance. For good.

  • Panels: 4¼” wide by ¼” thick; available in Vinyl-Lam and hardwood veneer faces front and back
  • Panel Connectors: Flexible vinyl, color-coordinated to panel selection
  • Track: 1-1/8″x 1″ aluminum, dark bronze clear or gold finish; curvable option available
  • Wheels: Nylon wheel on steel axle with ball bearings supplied as standard
  • Lead Post: ¾” x 2¾” aluminum, color coded to panel connector
  • Jamb Molding: 1″ wide x 3/8″ deep aluminum
  • Latch: Deadlatch with thumbturn on both sides; keylocks or magnetic catch options available
  • Handle: Molded PVC with finger recess
  • Width: Custom crafted to any width
  • Height: Vinyl-Lam up to 12’1; hardwoods up to 10’1″
  • Stacking Space: 1¼” per foot, plus 2¾” for lead post

* Woodfold’s Series 140, 220, 240, 440 and 540 have been tested for ADA compliance for opening load force per ADA/BOMA SEC 4.1311. Tests were conducted by MEI Charlton, Inc., Portland, OR. Certain ADA applications may call for specific handle location placement which should be specified when door is ordered.


Decorative Laminates

A Bevy Of Beauties – Laminates are especially good for installations demanding durable and easy-to-maintain (and clean) partitions: hospitals, laboratories,and restaurants are some examples. Our custom service opens upa world beyond standard decorator colors, to include a wideselection of high-pressure decorative laminates you can specify for any Woodfold Accordion Door. If you’ve found a laminate from any nationally recognized brand, tell us the manufacturer’s name and pattern number and we’ll make the door for you. How easy is that?

Custom Logos & Murals

Put A Bird On It – When you want to brandish your brand, consider a custom designed and applied logo, trademark, or corporate image on your Woodfold accordion door. Or maybe you want a scenic alpine meadow for a restaurant divider, or a soothing, subtle pattern?Decorative murals are a great option for commercial or residential room dividers. For the best reproduction possible, please provide us with high-quality artwork for your mural. 

Wall Covering

Are shag walls back, yet?  – They could be, if you want to make that statement. Our flexible custom service can help you match or complement interior walls, using wall covering material you specify for your Woodfold Accordion Doors.


Hardwood Veeners

Wooden it be nice?  – We offer stunning hardwood veneers in birch, maple, oak, cherry, mahogany, walnut, and alder for our Accordion Doors, to suit almost any installation. But if your order calls for something a little more upscale something unique Woodfold also makes a variety of exotic and special hardwood veneers.

Natural Hardwood Veneers

We’ve got today’s most popular hardwood species to match your interiors. Woodfold insists on select grade veneers, laminated to an engineered core to ensure excellent dimensional stability. Clear finish is standard; however, custom-stained finish service is always available. Please supply a physical color sample for matching.















*Alder only available in sizes up to 8′ 1″.

Vinyl-Lam Woodgrains

Incredibly realistic looking, our Vinyl-Lam woodgrain finishes provide a wide range of color selection representing several wood species. Woodfold’s Vinyl-Lam finishes are laminated to an engineered core to ensure excellent dimensional stability.






Natural Oak

Light Oak


Dark Oak








Solid Colors and Textures














*Black only available in sizes up to 8′ 1″.

Acrylic Panels

Visifold Series 440 and 540 doors available with .118″ thick, transparent clear or bronze acrylic panel from stock. Other panel options available by special quotation.


Clear Bronze


Clear Clear


Clear White


Clear Sand


Clear Gold


Bronze Bronze

Bronze Clear


Bronze White

Bronze Sand

Bronze Gold

Alumifold Panels

Alumifold Series 640 and 740 doors available with .08″ thick solid or perforated panels in bronze, clear (silver), or gold (upcharge applies) from stock. Other panel options available by special quotation.


Clear Perforated


Clear Solid

Gold Perforated


Gold Solid


Bronze Perforated


Bronze Solid

*Gold and Bronze only available in sizes up to 8′ 1″.

Custom Finish Services

Woodfold has a long, proud history in custom finishing of fine wood products, so of course our services include custom paint and stain finishes. Additionally, other custom materials can be arranged by asking your Woodfold distributor.

Coordinating Hardware Hinge System

A clear (silver) finish is supplied with Off-White, Chalk, and Amethyst doors. A bronze finish supplied with all others.

Coordinating Vinyl Panel Connectors

We carefully color coordinates our vinyl panel connectors as a standard feature. Combinations include: White with White, Chalk, or Amethyst; Sand with Hardwood Birch, Hardwood Oak, Hardwood Maple, Maple Vinyl, Tan, Tahiti, or Rattan; Silver with Gray Vinyl; and Brown with all other body panels.



Black Color








*Black only available in sizes up to 8′ 1″.

At Woodfold, we’re dedicated to continuing our 50-year tradition of providing you with the finest in custom craftsmanship, product selection and value. But we don’t stop there. We’re also committed to making your job easier and as problem-free as possible. The information below is designed to simplify your specification process and help ensure the selection of a Woodfold Accordion Door that bests meets your client’s needs and application requirements.

Our obsession with service doesn’t end once you’ve decided on your order. Our packaging techniques, for example, have been perfected to protect your reputation. Because our Accordion Doors are often the final piece of a project’s puzzle, we know that the last thing you need is a delay caused by shipment damage. So we individually carton all doors up to 15′ wide and wood crate single doors over 15′ wide as well as our Series 3300 doors. This ensures that everything possible is done to have your order arrive undamaged.

Series 540 Accordion Door Documentation

3 Part Specifications Sheet Section 08 3513

Applicable LEED Credits

Shop Drawings

Surface Track

Recessed Track

I-Beam Track

Mounting Panel

Door Types

Stack Dimensions

Lead Post, Jamb Molding & Handle

Intermediate Rolling Post

Sliding Jamb Options

Multiple Meeting Option

Privacy Latch


Single Cremone Bolt Lock

Double Cremone Bolt Lock

How To Install

Upkeep & Care

Double Cremone Bolt Lock

Door Weight Average

Accordion Series

Series 140, Series 220, Series 240
Series 440, Series 540, Series 640
Series 740, Series 2100

Weight per lin. ft.

6-8 height 10 lbs. per lin. ft.
8-0 height 12 lbs. per lin. ft.
10-0 height 15 lbs. per lin. ft.
12-0 height 18 lbs. per lin. ft.

Series 3300

6-8 height 10 lbs. per lin. ft.
8-0 height 12 lbs. per lin. ft.
10-0 height 15 lbs. per lin. ft.
12-0 height 18 lbs. per lin. ft.


Architectual Specifications

Woodfold doors shall be accordion-type with panels connected continuously along the top and bottom by a steel hardware hinge system. Individual hinges are riveted to those adjoining, and contain stops to maintain a uniform extended position. Extruded vinyl seals securely connect all adjoining panels top to bottom (excluding Series 540 and Series 740). Doors shall be suspended by nylon wheels from aluminum overhead track. All necessary hardware and moldings shall be included for normal installation.

Special Finish

Please write or email Woodfold for order procedure.

Shipping Information

Schedule: All Series doors with factory standard finish, 2 weeks (over 250 lineal feet by quote). All Series doors with special finish (after signed approved acknowledgement received, 3 weeks.)

Method of Shipment

Shipments to commercial addresses.

Additional charges apply for non-commercial delivery and pre-delivery notification. Contact our office for questions.