The World's First Maintenance-Free Rubber Roll-Up Door

Powerhouse® XL High Performance Door

Delivering the lowest overall cost of ownership of any industrial rubber door ever built, Rytec’s Powerhouse® XL is designed without conventional torsion springs or wear parts, virtually eliminating maintenance. Patent-pending innovations and built-in, state-of-the-art technologies allow the XL to handle the rigors of heavy industry where up-time is mission critical, even in the world’s most extreme environments. 

The Powerhouse® XL is ideal for heavy equipment repair & storage, government, parking, manufacturing and warehousing, and can be built up to 50′ wide x 35′ high.

  • No conventional wear parts and simple preventative maintenance make this door practically maintenance-free.

  • Exclusive Dual-Sync™ technology performs flawlessly on nearly any size door and eliminates costly and labor-intensive torsion springs.

  • Door design responds dynamically to high pressure wind loads by increasing resistance.

  • Intuitive and Customizable Pathwatch® Safety Light System provides advanced warning to vehicle drivers and pedestrians.

  • Dual thru-beam photo eyes detect movement close to the door and will reverse to the open position.

  • Fail-safe electric reversing edge reverses door if anything comes in contact with it.

  • Ry-Wi® Wireless System eliminates coil cords and provides two-way communication between control box and bottom bar.

  • Chain hoist for manual operation.

  • 1/4-Inch Thick SBR Rubber Panel

  • Self-Supporting Steel Side Columns

  • Dual-Sync™ motor technology

  • Ry-Tension™ System for stronger “dynamic grip” of rubber panel

  • Chain-Link™ proximity sensors monitor heavy-duty chain

  • Blue or Gray EPDM Panel Material

  • Hood and Motor Cover

  • Windows

  • Single or Dual-Drive System (Dependent on Door Size)