The High-Speed Rolling Door Engineered for cGMP and 'Class-Rated' Facilities

Pharma-Seal® High Performance Door

Engineered to comply with cGMP guidelines, the Pharma-Seal is the tightest sealing, most reliable, high-performance rolling door available. The simple design has no external parts, making it easy to clean.

Ideal for pharmaceutical and food and beverage, the Pharma-Seal can be built up to 10′ wide x 10′ high.

  • With only a 3/8-inch gap for the door panel, hidden wind knobs seal the perimeter and withstand negative pressure.

  • Variable speed AC drive enables opening speeds up to 50 inches per second and provides uninterrupted facility operations.

  • Using all USDA/FDA-compliant materials, the Pharma-Seal is engineered to provide unprecedented reliability in class-rated environments.

  • Patented Ry-Beam™ Light Curtain mounted in the door jamb provides coverage of the door opening up to 98 inches.

  • Persons or objects entering the opening will cause the door to reverse without contact.

  • USDA/FDA-compliant, 2-ply door panel

  • Fully-enclosed 304 stainless steel side frames with removable covers

  • Stainless steel hood assembly

  • Stainless clad bottom bar with loop seal

  • Flush mounted manual release

  • 316 stainless steel head and side frames

  • Vulcanized vision window