Poweramp PowerHook® Vehicle Restraint

Loading Dock Truck Restraint

There are many components that ensure a safe material handling operation. One of the most important is an effective, dependable truck restraining system like the PowerHook® by Poweramp®. The PowerHook® vehicle restraint is the most effective truck restraining device available on the market. By actively seeking, finding, and securing a trailer’s “Rear Impact Guard” (RIG), the PowerHook® eliminates potential problems between the truck and the dock leveler.

The PowerHook® restraint is firmly anchored in the loading dock pit for maximum holding strength. The hook remains recessed and protected behind the pit wall until activation, making it easy to maintain the dock exterior. Because it stores in the pit, the restraint is completely concealed and out of the way. This is a great advantage when clearing the drive approach of snow or debris.

The PowerHook® is designed to withstand a pulling force in excess of 35,000 lbs, providing an extra margin of safety and protection. This restraint has the widest service range in the industry with a horizontal range of 0” to 15” from the building and a vertical range from 7” to 34” off the drive. Extended ranges are available for special applications. With over 10,000 applications over a twenty year period, the durability and reliability of PowerHook® is unmatched in the industry. Be sure to specify the “original” PowerHook® on your next loading dock application.

Poweramp PowerHook® Vehicle Restraint Features

Active Style Restraint / Zero Head Start

The PowerHook® emerges from the dock wall and actively finds the trucks rear impact guard and removes all gap between the impact guard and the restraint. This feature maintains lip purchase on the back of the truck and prevents a head start during pull out situations.

Poweramp PowerStop® Manual Vehicle Restraint Feature

Easy Snow Removal and Easy Cleaning

The PowerHook® stores behind the front foundation wall under the dock leveler. This makes snow removal quick and easy. This feature also protects the restraint from the elements when it is not in use. The PowerHook’s® design also makes the dock area safer as there is no restraint left out in front of the dock to be climbed on or tampered with.
Poweramp PowerHook® Vehicle Restraint Features

3-in-1 Light Communication

iDock Controls utilize green, red, and amber lights in one large LED light assembly for a clear indication of the dock conditions and whether its safe to proceed.