HM Mechanical Dock Leveler

Pit Style Mechanical Dock Leveler

When size does matter, choose Poweramp’s® HM Series heavy-duty mechanical loading dock leveler. With 29 inches of direct rear hinge support and a high-strength deck constructed of a combination of structural steel “C” channels and “I” beams, the HM Series provides exceptional structural superiority for heavy-duty applications.

HM Series Levelers come in 6’, 6’6”, & 7’ standard widths and 6’, 8’, & 10’ standard lengths. Other lengths may be available. Standard capacities for the HM Series are 30K, 35K, 40K,45K, & 50K CIR (Comparative Industry Rating).

CleanSweep Frame

CleanSweep frame

The CleanSweep frame provides Easy periodic clean up, maintenance and inspection and is standard on the HM leveler and optional on the CM and LMP models

Four Sided Box Construction

Four sided box construction

Stronger more durable four sided box construction
Piano Style front and rear hinges

Piano Style front and rear hinges

Piano style hinges provide the strongest support and connection between the leveler deck and frame. Increasing the life of the leveler and reducing maintenance.
Pull Chain Activation

Pull chain activation

A simple pull of the chain ring located in the leveler deck raises the unit for use.
Lip Drive Positive

Lip drive positive lip extension (TM)

Reliably extends the leveler lip and restricts its decent until walk down is performed.
Extended Range

Extended range, float barrel hold down

Designed to operate under extreme float conditions common with “air ride” suspension trailers. Provides finger tip release of the leveler making storing the unit a snap.

HM Mechanical Dock Leveler Sizes and Capabilities