CA Air Powered Dock Leveler

Pit Style, Compressed Air Powered Dock Leveler

The Poweramp® CentraAir® (CA) air-powered dock leveler incorporates the use of existing plant air or dedicated compresser and an industrial automotive-grade air bellows system to raise and lower the platform. It’s operated with “push button” activation and requires no electricity in the pit, making the unit perfect for wash down applications or wet environments.

The CA Air-Powered Leveler is an environmentally friendly addition to any material handling operation and will have minimal effect on the building’s electrical footprint. This leveler is available in a wide range of sizes and capacities and can be modified for special applications.

Standard CentraAir® Series sizes include 6’, 6’6”, & 7’ standard widths, and 6’, 8’ & 10’ standard lengths. Standard capacities for the CentraAir® Series are 25K, 30K, 35K, 40K, 45K, & 50K CIR (Comparative Industry Rating). Patent US 8,627, 529

Now available with iDock Controls.

Four Sided Box Construction

Four sided box construction

Stronger more durable four sided box construction.

Optional Inter-lockable Electrical Push Button Controls

Optional Inter-lockable Electrical Push Button Controls

The leveler can utilize an inter-lockable electrical push-button. This feature allows the leveler to be easily interlocked to the overhead door , red green outside lights truck restraints or other items at the loading dock.
Air Bellows Lifting System

Air bellows lifting system

Utilizes the same lift technology as air ride suspension trailers to raise the leveler and extend the lip.
Pull Chain Activation

Pull chain activation

A simple pull of the chain ring located in the leveler deck raises the unit for use.
Pneumatic Push Button Operation

Pneumatic push button operation

Push-button activation without any electrical needed. Simple push button activation opens the leveler mounted valve raising the leveler. Release of the button allows leveler to gently lower onto the truck.
Sliding Style Toe Guards

Sliding Style Toe Guards

This leveler utilizes sliding style toe guards for added safety.
Simple Two Way Air Valve

Simple two way air valve

Very reliable and low maintenance air valve system controls the flow of air to inflate the bellows and then lower the leveler.

CA Air Powered Dock Leveler Sizes and Capacities