Security Grilles
Model Number: 5015


When an enhanced security need demands heavy duty gates that still provide visibility and air flow, our 5015 heavy duty gates are the perfect security solution. Our security gates for businesses feature solid rods that are spaced 33% closer than standard security grille designs. In addition to closer spacing, these overhead industrial gates are constructed with 50% heavier gauge links that have spacers on each and every grille rod. The additional heavy duty rolling security gate tube spacers not only ensure increased security and longevity, but can be powder coated for increased aesthetics.

Built to last, our 5015 heavy duty security gate is custom manufactured to your specifications and needs while offering several material options, opening operator options and multiple security grille finishing choices. It’s no wonder more parking garage gate systems and storefronts are choosing our 5015 heavy duty gates for their security needs.

When you need to balance enhanced security needs with visibility and air flow, choosing the 5015 heavy duty security gate will help solve many security solutions.



Chain Diverter for MGH Operators
This option moves the auxiliary chain out of the clear opening and to the side of the door – enabling free movement through the door and making a chain bag unnecessary.

Fixed Panels
Grille curtain can be mounted in a fixed frame assembly. It can be installed separately, or installed near a rolling grille curtain to complement the aesthetics. Often used in parking garages.

Hood and Operator Covers
Metal cover to protect the coil or operator from exterior weather, debris or to meet OSHA or UL 325 safety requirements.

Powder Coating Grilles
Powder coat finish in more than 180 colors is available on perimeter components such as the aluminum bottom bar, hoods, wall angles, tubes and fascia. This finish is not available on the grille curtain.

Trim Package
In applications where exterior aesthetics are important, such as hotels, condominiums, convention centers and parking garages, the addition of a trim package can cover unsightly hardware and contribute to the building’s architecture.

Grille High Cycle Construction
For grilles that will cycle more than 5 times per day, such as parking garages and sally port openings, we recommend Model ESG12 brick pattern configuration. Alternative high cycle options include the Extreme SentryGate® grille and the Extreme 300 Series Grille.

High Cycle Springs
Heavy duty springs manufactured to withstand cycles of 100,000.

Seismic Performance Validation
We can provide project specific seismic calculations for all coiling doors that are mounted Face of Wall to steel or masonry. Seismic performance validation is per ASCE 7-05.

Entrapment Protection Devices
Entrapment protection devices ensure that a motorized door or grille will not close on an object.  If an object enters path of closure, the entrapment protection device will stop the door or grille from closing and return it to the fully open position.

Guide-Mounted Interlocks
An electrical cutout switch to prevent motor operation if locking device is not first disengaged.

A wide variety of locking options are available to meet your security needs.

Manual Release System
If egress is required on a motorized grille, a wall mounted pull handle disengages the motor to allow the grill to partially open.

Combination Doors
Combine two different slat profiles in the same curtain.  Typically, a standard slat is combined with a perforated slat or even rolling grille for ventilation and security.  

Countertops are available for a complete counter shutter closure solution, and can be UL rated.

There are multiple mullion options –  corner, fixed and removable.

Sloping or Irregular Openings
Our special bottom bar designs can address these conditions.

Superimposed Doors
Combine two different curtains on the same opening. Typically, an insulated door is used in conjunction with an open design rolling grille to provide ventilation. When extreme weather or sound resistance is desired, we can provide superimposed/double insulated curtain assemblies.

Specification Sheets

Codes & Listings

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • Buy America Compliance
  • LEED® Compliance

See Codes and Listings page for detailed information.