Garage Door Installation

This is the time of year when garage door systems tend to show their wear. Little problems tend to become big problems after a few months of cold weather!

The best thing to do is periodically check the balance on your garage door. This will indicate whether or not the torsion springs are properly balancing, or removing, most of the weigh of the garage door. You can see how to properly check the balance of your garage door here.

Broken torsion springs only happen (usually) when the springs are allowed to fatigue for a long period of time… it usually happens very slowly. If you periodically check the balance of your garage door (1-2 times) each year, you will most likely be able to see the springs fatiguing. As the torsion springs fatigue, they will cause the door to become more heavy. As the garage door becomes heavier, it will sink to the garage floor when you let go of it. Torsion springs in good condition will prevent the garage door from sliding down because they are still in good condition!

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