Winter can be harsh on your garage and garage door — even in Arizona’s mild climate. Take advantage of winter’s arrival to take a closer look at your garage door and its many parts. Here’s a rundown of what you should specifically look for:


Cold weather can drain the life out of your garage door opener batteries. Test to make sure they’re firing at full power, and consider replacements. A dead battery can leave you out in the cold or rain on a winter’s day, which is a shame given how easily avoidable the situation is. Fresh batteries should see you through the winter and provide dependable performance no matter how low the temperature drops here in Arizona.

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Drive Track Inspection:

 Take a look at your garage door’s drive track. What exactly are you looking for? Check for any debris, loose parts, warping, etc. Your garage door relies on a number of parts that are fully lubricated, in shape and ready to perform day after day. Any warning signs in this complicated system can eventually become a full breakdown, and winter is the time when these breakdowns typically occur.

Drainage and Weather Sealing: 

It’s rare to get freezing temperatures in the Phoenix area, but it does happen. Which is why it’s important to ensure rain gutters and other drainages are properly functioning. If water gathers at the base of your garage door in freezing temperatures, it will seal your door’s base to the threshold, meaning your door will either freeze shut or tear away some of the weather stripping. Likewise, check weather stripping to make sure it’s in optimal condition before winter begins.

Lubricate Moving Parts: 

In cold weather, grease on your door’s moving parts can thicken and harden, mitigating its effectiveness. Make sure to clear away any grease before cold weather strikes, cleaning with a wire brush. Then use a silicone-based oil to lubricate rollers, tracks and hinges. Silicone will provide better performance in cold weather than grease, and your door will open smoothly and cleanly, even as metal parts contract and shift in the cold.

Get a Professional: 

It’s a good idea to have your garage door inspected once a year, and just before winter is one of the best times for that inspection. A professional can take a comprehensive look at your garage door, identify problem areas and recommend solutions.

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