Maintenance is required for your garage door to ensure that it is in efficient working order. Although there are ways to maintain and troubleshoot your garage door yourself, remember that it is better to be done by us, the professionals.

A garage door has a lot of moving parts and is the largest opening in your house that allows you access to your garage. A little bit of maintenance can save you a lot of money and if a problem does arise, sometimes you can fix it yourself.

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1) Lubricate the vital parts of the door.

Use lubricant oils like WD-40 or others that has the same viscosity to spray all the rollers, the hinges, and, most importantly, the springs. Do this 3 or 4 times a year. Avoid using thick grease, because grease will only help to accumulate dust and dirt. Dust and dirt will tear away the bearings and cause an unwanted black paste to appear. It will also produce a very sticky surface.

2) Check for worn or frayed steel cables.

If the cables that are attached to the door are worn or frayed, you should call your local garage door companyto have them change them out as soon as possible. This isn’t difficult to do, but without the proper tools and knowledge of the spring system, this can be extremely hazardous. Always remember that the springs have enough tension to make the door weightless (easy to open), so the springs’ kinetic energy is equal to the weight of the door that is vertical in the opening.

3) Ensure that all the bolts are tight.

These bolts hold the back of the track. You don’t want your door randomly falling on your car, just because a bolt wiggled loose and fell out.

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