Garage Door Installation

Many people choose a garage door for its functionality, and they don’t worry about how it will look when it’s actually attached to their home. A garage door is just a garage door, right? It doesn’t matter how it looks, right? If it’s just a tool, it doesn’t matter if it matches the style or the colors of the rest of the house.

However, you may have some trouble selling your home down the line if you choose a garage door this way. Your garage door is as important as your façade or your windows when it comes to your curb appeal. If you have a boring garage and an otherwise stylish house, the garage door will detract from its appearance. You need to maximize your garage door as an accessory instead of ignoring it. Here’s what to consider when choosing a garage door that will perfectly suit your home:


Your garage door’s material contributes a lot to its visual appeal. Steel and wood doors often look more stylish than aluminum or vinyl doors, but you can still find vinyl doors that look classy. Just find a material that matches the rest of your home.

For example: a wooden door might match with stucco and wrought-iron elements, but the same expensive-looking wooden door won’t necessarily work on a house with cheap, vinyl siding. Make sure that your garage door doesn’t overpower or underwhelm the style of your home. It should just match it.

Panel Design

Some garage doors look like medieval gates, other look like barn doors. You should pick a panel style that matches the rest of your house, whether it looks country chic or looks like it belongs to a southwestern hacienda. You can even find two-tone or iron wrought options. Just make sure that whatever you choose blends beautifully with the rest of your home.

Window Design

Many garage doors come with windows as well. You can opt out of having windows, or you can request them in specific designs. Many homeowners choose to only have windows across the top of their garage doors. Still others like their entire door to have windows in it.

Need Some Help Choosing a Garage Door?

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