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If you’ve ever tried to run back inside your home as your garage door was closing, it’s likely that your system halted to prevent you from getting injured. You may also have noticed that your garage door refuses to close if something has been placed within a couple inches of the threshold. It’s even possible that you’ve been having trouble getting your garage door to open and close with regularity, and you’ve been having trouble figuring out why.

If you’ve experienced any of these phenomena, it means your garage door system is equipped with a sensor. In fact, the United States Congress has required garage doors in the United States of America to be equipped with safety sensors since the early 1990s. Garage door sensors detect objects that may cause interference with your door’s operation. They are a great tool to help protect you and your belongings from harm. Let’s take a closer look at the inner workings of this technology to learn more about it.

How Garage Door Sensors Work

Take a look at your garage door system. Do you notice two small boxes at either end of your door threshold that have been installed at about the height of your feet? If so, you’ve just located your garage door’s sensors. These sensors are equipped with infrared light technology to detect anomalies and shut down your garage door before it causes harm.

Infrared light is invisible. Put in more technical terms, it’s light that occurs outside of the spectrum we are able to perceive with our eyes. It exists in several permutations according to its wavelength, each serving a variety of purposes.

In the case of garage door sensors, your two boxes represent a light transmitter and a light receiver. If the beam of light in between the transmitter and receiver is interrupted by, say, your legs, a signal is sent to the opener to cease operation.

Malfunctioning Sensors

Over time, the components in your garage door sensors will wear down. Whether it’s from a fraying wire, a blocked lens or sensor misalignment, it’s important to take note of any abnormalities in your garage door’s operation.

Your garage door sensors may indicate something’s up by flashing a blinking light. If you happen to notice this light when looking down at your sensors, it’s time to call a professional to fix it.

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