This Clopay door is from the Avante Collection and can be used as a garage door or even as and alternative patio door to merge spaces indoors and out.

The mere mention of garage doors used to send shivers down the spines of architects, builders and homeowners, conjuring visions of raised panel monolithic eye – sores. It always seemed garage doors were a one – style fits – all item, whether your house was new construction or historic renovation, country estate, waterfront retreat, or a big city townhouse. 

 And it increasing seemed houses were being built with bigger and bigger garages taking up more and more of their profiles. These days however, our thinking about a garage’s most important visual component is changing, and manufacturers now offer a smorgasbord of doors dressed to the nines. Today’s garage doors sport a level of style and refinement usually reserved for grand entrances and fine cabinetry.

Most garage facades are mostly door. This produces skewed proportions and problems with profile – or used to. Now, the garage door had become something you might want to actually look at – a focal point. Doors make statements, and garage doors are no exception. Garage doors cover a home’s biggest opening and this opening often faces the street, so if we’re talking curb appeal, few single elements of a home can have more sizable impact. For More information contact Michael Dryer at Michael@CooksonAZ.com.

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