Garage Door Installation


A garage door is only going to work with an opener as well as it works for you manually. When a garage door is disconnected from its opener it should be easy to work by hand. If your garage door is out of balance in either direction it will stress out your opener. Out of balance door will decrease the life span of your opener dramatically.


First make sure the garage door is closed. Then locate your emergency disconnect (find the pull cord) on the operator. Pull lightly to disconnect the traveler lock. Now you’re ready to work the garage door manually. (PLEASE be careful not to put your fingers in between the sections). While standing inside the garage, please stand facing the middle of the garage door. Now that you’re at the middle, slide your hands under the bottom of the door. (Unless there is a handle available, use the handle). Next you should try to manually open garage door. You should be able to work the door with little to no effort. The door should easily stop almost anywhere in its tracks.

Signs of a door out of balance will be as follows: a door will not sit evenly on the floor or does not glide easily up and down the track and the door will have a tendency to not stay open and keeps drifting down. Out of balance door will cause wear and tear on your garage door opener. Springs are dangerous and should only be adjusted by a professional. If you find or notice any of these issues your door needs to be adjusted. Contact Cookson Door Sales of Arizona for service. Home owners who live outside of Arizona should contact a local garage door repair service.