Garage Door Installation

Your garage door opener is mainly responsible for reliably controlling the raising and lowering of your door, but with the latest advancements, your opener can do so much more. There are three types of garage door openers — all with benefits and drawbacks — that offer dependable options to fit your home’s needs. They include:

  • Chain Drive: The most popular type of opener, chain drives use a chain to safely push and pull a trolley that moves the door. This option is affordable for most homeowners and can reliably operate for up to 10 or more years. However, the drawbacks of this model include its regular maintenance requirements and noisy operation, which makes it better suited for detached garages. Chain drives can also be a bit shaky when opening and closing doors.
  • Belt Drive: Quieter than the other two, the belt drive garage door models use a rubber belt for smoother door operations. This model is much quieter than chain or screw drive openers, and their high-quality construction means they can lift nearly any type of door reliably and quickly. Belt drives require less maintenance than the other garage door opener models, but are more expensive and don’t last as long. They also may slip in extremely high temperatures or humid conditions.
  • Screw Drive: This garage door opener type rotates a threaded steel rod to move the trolley that opens and closes the door. Screw drives have fewer components than belt drives or chain drives, so they require less maintenance. However, they are still somewhat noisy.

High-Rated Garage Door Openers

With today’s technology, your garage door opener doesn’t have to merely open and close the door. Now, it can also control the lights, be set on vacation mode for security, connect to Nest Cams and other home security systems and more — all from any smartphone or computer. If you’re looking for the best garage door opener, be sure to check out these highly-rated openers:

  • LiftMaster 8550: This advanced belt drive garage door opener uses a battery your home continually charges, so even if the power goes out, you can depend on your opener to safely operate the door. With MyQ technology, you can control your garage door and lights from anywhere with your smartphone or computer. For added security, the LiftMaster 8550 also uses rolling codes, making it virtually impossible for thieves to try to copy the code.
  • Chamberlain WD832KEV: Considered one of the best overall garage door options, this Chamberlain model features a Motor Vibration Isolation System, eliminating noises from vibrations. It also has MyQ technology for excellent accessibility from anywhere. You can even set a timer on this opener to close the door in one, five or 10 minutes.


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