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Given that garage doors in America are almost universally overhead doors built in sections, most garage doors in America also use springs as major parts of their counterbalancing systems. These springs fall into two broad categories: extension and torsion springs. Are these spring types interchangeable? That is, does it matter which type you choose? Here’s a look at the differences between extension and torsion garage door springs.

Extension Springs

Extension springs are installed just over the garage door’s horizontal tracks. There are two springs, both calibrated to the door’s weight, that work on their own. Safety cables can be installed independently of your springs, which keep the spring stable when an accident occurs. You’ll find that extension springs are slightly more affordable than torsion springs, but they tend to break down quicker and are not as safe as torsion springs

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are located inside of tubes that are mounted just above the top of the garage door. Lifting cables are attached to a channel inside the spring’s tube, and the full weight of the door is placed on the spring and its anchoring plate — which is why expert installation is needed. Torsion springs tend to be safer than extension springs due to their location inside a tube, and they tend to perform longer than extension spring alternatives. Why would anyone choose extension springs over torsion spring? First, torsion springs are a little more expensive. Second, torsion springs require more clearance for installation — clearance that isn’t available in all garages.

Other Considerations

The performance of your springs depends on more than just the springs themselves. It’s important to properly maintain and service your full garage door and opener to ensure the system is working well together. In addition to lubricating your garage door’s tracks, you should also lubricate your springs with motor oil for full function. You should also have a regular inspection of your garage door and its components. A regular inspection can identify problem areas before they spiral into an emergency. This helps prevent a full shutdown of your garage door until it can be repaired, and this helps prevent more expensive emergency repair costs.

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