Does your garage door feel heavy when raises manually? Well, it shouldn’t. When a garage door is properly balanced it should open with very little effort or muscle. A garage door should also balance at minimum at least in the middle.

Balanced Garage Door

What is a balanced garage door? a balanced garage door should reman in place after removing your hand from the door in certain opened positions. The midway point, just above the midway point,and just before the top of the garage opening. If your garage door isn’t balanced it can lead to injury of a child, and premature wear of your garage door opener.

Garage Door Installation

Spring adjustment

You can always call a professional to adjust the tension of your garage door springs or even have the springs you purchase from Garage Door Parts 1 installed by a company of your choice if your not much of a do it yourself.

However, with most homeowners are using the garage door more than the front entry door the components of your garage door can fail pre-maturely if not properly maintained.

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