Commercial Garage Door Products

Your business requires a high-functioning facility — including commercial garage doors that get the job done. When your building and its garage doors aren’t working at peak performance, your entire business is disrupted.

Don’t let your garage door issue threaten your bottom line. At Cookson Door Sales, we offer a full selection of high-quality custom commercial garage doors in Phoenix, AZ, as well as Gilbert, Scottsdale and other surrounding communities. Whether you need to add commercial garage doors to an existing building or installation at a new facility, we can provide:

  • Rolling Doors
  • Counter Doors
  • Fire Doors
  • Grilles
  • Sectional Doors
  • Full View Doors
  • Rapid Doors
  • Roll-up Doors
  • Commercial Door Operators
  • More

We carry this vast selection to ensure that we have what you need — choice when it comes to custom commercial garage door products. Your business is unique, and its commercial garage door needs are unique, too. We offer the custom commercial garage door products needed to achieve the perfect workflow, efficiency and productivity at your business. Commercial garage doors should boost your business, not create a drag on its profitability. With Cookson Door Sales, you can be sure you’re getting the boost you need from commercial garage doors.

We also go to great lengths to ensure you get a quality, durable product that delivers value over its lifespan. That’s why our selection comes from highly respected industry brands, names such as The Cookson Company, Clopay®, Micanan, Albany Door Systems, Renlita, Poweramp, Woodfold, DBCI, Hörmann and more. These brands deliver high-functioning commercial garage door products that serve businesses well for years.

The team at Cookson Door Sales has been serving Arizona homes and businesses since 1991. Our licensed technicians can provide expert guidance as you consider custom commercial garage doors in Phoenix, AZ, and each can install a new commercial garage door quickly and effectively. You can sit back and focus on your business when you trust Cookson Door Sales as your garage door provider in the Greater Phoenix area.

Custom Commercial Garage Doors | Gilbert | Scottsdale | Phoenix AZ

The Cookson Company


Rolling Service Doors, Counter Doors, Fire Doors and Grilles 
The Cookson Company® continues to be totally committed to the commercial garage doors and the rolling door industry by providing high quality, innovative products of value. Rolling doors are our business – our only business, and because of this uncompromised commitment to quality and cost-effective reliability, Cookson products are still specified by more architects than any other rolling door manufacturer. As we celebrate our 60th year in the rolling door business, we’re still family owned and family operated – and, we are very proud to put our name on every door we manufacture because we’re certain it meets the standards that have made our company successful.

Clopay Pro Series


Commercial Sectionals & Full View Doors
Clopay® provides superior solutions for architects and building professionals with our acclaimed innovative designs, service and international dealer network. Every day the people of Clopay® Building Products commit not only to meeting the diverse needs of homeowners, architects, builders and businesses, but to exceeding their expectations as well. This commitment assures total customer satisfaction on every purchase for residential and commercial garage doors.



Commercial Operators & Controls 
Micanan manufactures a full line of commercial & industrial garage door openers, control panels, gate openers and special application systems for it’s customers worldwide. Micanan Systems has grown to become the 4th largest commercial opener company in North America since it opened its doors less than 3 years ago. After All Micanan has Quality Pros Can Count On. Micanan has distribution centers in Phoenix, Arizona / Atlanta, Georgia / Toronto, Ontario / Chicago, Illinois and Vancouver, British Columbia

Albany Door Systems

Albany Door Systems

The Inventor, Innovator, & World-Wide Leader of Rapid Roll® Doors
These doors have performed over 2 million cycles in all types of industrial applications and extreme environments with very minimal maintenance. Rapid Roll doors pay for themselves, within months of installation, in reduced maintenance costs and energy savings. Conventional metal doors are easily damaged and can become inoperable if hit. Albany doors withstand impacts from the heaviest of equipment and vehicles. If accidentally hit, patented break-away, self-repair systems enable Albany doors to be back up in operation in minutes without expensive repairs or replacement.


Custom Commercial Garage Doors | Gilbert | Scottsdale | Phoenix AZ

Renlita doors has been a leader in the engineering, design and development of custom door systems for over 45 years and fabricate vertical, horizontal, and bi-fold custom doors to meet customer design objectives. The different types of Renlita doors include liftaway, frameless glass, floataway, illusion, hingeway, and foldaway. We also provide sovereign vertical operating door systems. Renlita Door provides architects, designers and users, a well proven, reliable and robust door. Different models, configurations and flexibility of finishes and materials allow specialist products to be supplied to suit individual customer needs.



Poweramp Quality Equipment
Whether your material handling needs are large or small, Poweramp provides the quality equipment and dependable performance required. As a division of Systems, Inc, Poweramp dock equipment has been an industry leader in manufacturing and distributing material handling products and loading dock equipment worldwide since 1961.For 50 years, the Poweramp name has been synonymous with industry-leading loading dock equipment and safety product solutions. Through superior proprietary engineering capabilities, Poweramp provides customers with unmatched product quality. Poweramp combines this quality with reliable performance to provide the industry standard for value. Enhanced dock efficiency, increased personnel safety, and dependable, easy to maintain equipment are the true measures of that value. Poweramp’s world wide distribution and sales network, combined with our commitment to premium customer service have also helped ensure that Poweramp’s reputation for industry excellence continues to this day. No matter the project size, Poweramp loading dock equipment will help you get the job done.



Custom Accordion & Rollup Doors
Since 1957, Woodfold has provided a full range of custom made doors to the building products industry. Our accordion and roll-up doors are considered to be the leading products in the industry. Woodfold doors are available throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean Basin and in some European and Middle Eastern countries. The beauty and durability of wood combined with unique hardware systems in both our accordion and roll-up doors assure long-term performance. Woodfold continually develops and improves our products to meet a wide variety of architectural, commercial and residential needs.



The power of innovation, the strength of commitment.
DBCI has manufacturing facilities for their roll-up doors and self-storage solutions in Douglasville, Ga., Houston, Texas, and Chandler, Arizona. DBCI’s team of professionals strives for excellence in product quality, innovation, and customer service and satisfaction. DBCI was one of the first door manufacturers to use a silicon-polyester paint finish, which provides a 30-year warranty on film integrity and up to a 25-year warranty against chalking and fading. DBCI also introduced a stainless steel latch and a patented tensioning device to the self-storage industry. The backbone of the DBCI product line is the roll-up curtain door. They were one of the first manufacturers to dedicate resources to a commercial door product category. DBCI’s in-house wind certification testing facility and state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment enable them to manufacture doors to the highest standards.



High Performance Doors
Hörmann is one of the world’s leading door manufacturers and a global leader in today’s building components industry. The family’s name has become synonymous to brand quality products covering a wide range of doors in residential and commercial applications. Constant innovation, quality assurance and close proximity to customers are the keys to the company’s permanent growth and lasting success. Operated by the third and fourth generation, the grandson and great grandsons of the company’s founder, Hörmann currently serves customers in more than 30 countries with a multitude of quality products. The Hörmann range of residential and commercial doors along with the openers are specially designed and developed to meet the requirements of the North American market. And we do it without compromising the Hörmann standard for quality and design offering superior protection and safety.

Custom Commercial Garage Doors | Gilbert | Scottsdale | Phoenix AZ    Custom Commercial Garage Doors | Gilbert | Scottsdale | Phoenix AZ