If you own a home in Arizona, you probably also own a garage. And if you’ve had your garage door for a while, you might have noticed it’s not looking its best. If you’re ready for a garage door update in Scottsdale, Phoenix or one of the surrounding AZ areas, you might consider painting. But is garage door painting in Scottsdale, AZ, allowed? Yes!


How-to Guide to Garage Door Painting

It’s your garage door, and you have every right to paint it. But if you’re going to paint it, you want to do it right. Garage door painting in Gilbert or Phoenix, AZ, can be fun if you prepare properly. Here are the simple steps to take.

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  1. Pre-Painting

Start by cleaning the door thoroughly with an all-purpose cleaner, using a cloth to get off all the dirt and dust. Finish the job by rinsing off the door with a garden house. Once it’s dry, cover handles, trim and windows with painter’s tape and put down a drop cloth to protect the driveway.

Then use a wire brush to remove rust, and a circular sander or chemical stripper and sanding sponge to get rid of the old paint. Be sure you wear gloves, safety goggles, a dust mask and any other necessary safety equipment.

  1. Priming

Apply primer to the door with a paintbrush, sprayer or roller. Be sure you use the appropriate primer for the type of door you have. Let dry for 12 to 24 hours.

  1. Painting

Once you’ve chosen and mixed your paint, you can finally begin. Make sure you’ve chosen a paint color that will match or complement the rest of the house. A color that’s wildly different from the exterior color of your home can be distracting.

As before, use a paintbrush, roller or sprayer to apply your latex exterior paint. Paint the door thoroughly, then allow to dry. Add at least one more coat. Once that coat dries, remove the tape, clean up, and you’re done. Enjoy your beautiful new garage door update in Phoenix, Tempe or wherever your AZ home happens to be.

For more ideas on a garage door update in Gilbert, Scottsdale and the rest of the Arizona area, contact Cookson Door Sales of Arizona today.