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It seems like these days virtually every garage door is electrically operated. The convenience of a door you don’t have to lift manually cannot be overestimated, especially since electrically operated garage doors are now the standard and not an expensive luxury.

But if you’re stuck with a manual garage door you’ve had for years and years, you’re out of luck, right? Not at all. It’s actually not that difficult to convert an up and over garage to an electric in Phoenix, AZ, or wherever your garage is located. Here’s what you need to know for your garage conversion.

How to Convert an Up and Over Garage to Electric in Gilbert or Elsewhere in AZ

You can buy a conversion kit to convert an up and over garage to electric in Scottsdale and surrounding areas, but before you start, you need to know what kind of door you have. A retractable garage door is much easier to convert. There are guides all around the door to support all four corners as it opens or closes, so the door moves very smoothly and little assistance is required. All you really need is a motor and a belt/chain drive to open or close them. You should be able to install the system in a few hours.

A canopy door is a little more difficult. This door has less support and does not have the four points of contact a retractable door has when in operation. Basically, this means you need the equivalent of one conversion kit to make the door more like a retractable door and another to motorize it. If you have a canopy door, you are usually better off hiring a professional than trying your own garage conversion. Gilbert, AZ, and other Arizona residents can find experienced garage door installers who will convert your canopy door if you are so inclined.


Get a New Garage Door or Garage Conversion in Scottsdale, AZ, and Throughout the State

Cookson Door Sales of Arizona has If you have a manual door, it is probably rather old, and you may want to consider simply replacing your garage door with a new, electric-operated garage door. a wide selection of affordable electric-powered garage doors and openers for you to try. Visit us online to find out more.