How Do Garage Door Sensors Work?

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  If you’ve ever tried to run back inside your home as your garage door was closing, it’s likely that your system halted to prevent you from getting injured. You may also have noticed that your garage door refuses to close if something has been placed within a couple inches of the threshold. It’s even […]

Cookson Door Sales of Arizona: Celebrating 25 Years of Business

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  For a quarter of a century, Cookson Door Sales of Arizona has supplied the Grand Canyon State with a full range of garage door services. We have provided home and business owners with quality Clopay® garage doors, expert technical support and friendly customer service. Whether you’ve had first-hand experience working with our company to […]

Garage Doors and Your Home Resale Valve

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  For many years, decades even, a garage door was seen as a functional part of a home, there only to help protect vehicles and other assets stored inside. But in the 21st century, a garage door serves a different role. First, it’s a huge part of the appearance of your home, one that can […]

What to Look for in a Garage Door Company That Does Repair and Installation

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  We’d all like to believe service industries are full of ethical, effective companies that are always looking out for their customers’ best interest. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case in the garage door industry and other service fields. How can you avoid getting scammed on garage door repair or installation? Here are a few […]

What Size Garage Door Should I Get?

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  Shopping for a garage door can start to feel intimidating once you encounter the many options available. One option that can make shoppers freeze in their tracks is size. What size garage door do you need? Many garage door shoppers have no idea. But there’s good news: It’s not complicated to find out. Here […]

Great Tips for Buying a Garage Door

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  So you want a new garage door, but where do you start? You’ll find innumerable options that can make your head spin. But when you dig a little deeper, you’ll find choosing a new garage door really boils down to a few key decisions. Here are some great tips for buying a garage door […]