If you need a garage door or you need to replace your current garage door, you may wonder about the best approach to garage door installation. While there are a number of professionals who offer this service in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Gilbert and throughout Arizona, you might wonder if you can save some money by installing your garage door yourself. Here’s what you need to know about installing garage doors.

Installing Garage Door Challenge: Time

If you try to install your own garage door, the first thing you will discover is a garage door has a lot of components to it, more than you might have imagined. In addition to the door itself, there are:

Garage Door Installation

Then there’s the garage door opener and its belt or chain drive system that attaches the garage door. If you do not have experience with garage door installation, you may find putting all this together to be long, arduous work.

Installing Garage Door Challenge: Safety

Safety is the number one reason to consider professional garage door installation in Gilbert, Tempe, Mesa, Phoenix and the rest of AZ. Your garage door itself can weigh hundreds of pounds, and you will need to move it around and hold it in place while you are installing. Without experience and the proper safety precautions, if you lose control of that door, it could come down on you and injure or kill you.

Similarly, the torsion springs that move that door up and down contain enough tension to easily move hundreds of pounds of door. Accidentally releasing that tension on your hand, for example, could have disastrous consequences.

Installing Garage Door Challenge: Precision

Your garage door needs to be perfectly balanced, and everything needs to be in alignment for it to work properly. An inexperienced installer could easily make a mistake, requiring you have to do it all over again for it to work.

Cookson Door Sales of Arizona for Fast, Easy Garage Door Installation in Phoenix, AZ, and Beyond

As you can see, while it is possible to find a video online and install a garage door yourself, it’s usually not worth it. Especially when Cookson Door Sales of Arizona can do it for you easily, affordably and with a minimum of interference in your daily life. For a quote on affordable garage door installation, contact Cookson Door Sales of Arizona now.