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Green building and energy-efficient living are becoming greater priorities in American lives. More people are concerned about the possibility of climate change and our effect on the environment. The government is also concerned, which is why it has offered tax credits for energy-conscious initiatives in the past. Knowing this, you may wonder if you are eligible for a garage door tax credit in Phoenix, AZ, or other nearby locations.


About Garage Door Tax Credits

Why would a garage door be eligible for a tax credit? There’s no reason an ordinary garage door would be. After all, we all need them. But what about energy-efficient garage doors? An insulated garage door prevents heat from penetrating the door. This means you need to use less air conditioning in the summer because less heat is getting into your home, and you require less heating in the winter because less heat escapes.

The State of Energy-Efficient Tax Credit Initiatives

The Energy Star program was created to incentive people to use energy-efficient appliances like washing machines and dishwashers, and for making energy-efficient improvements to their homes, like energy-efficient skylights, windows and doors, by offering tax credits. Unfortunately, there is no federal garage doors tax credit in Gilbert, Phoenix, Scottsdale, or anywhere in AZ or the U.S. at this time.

However, just because there is no garage doors tax credit homes doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay for an insulated garage door. Remember, you still get those energy savings. Lower heating and cooling bills can make a huge difference in your budget, and the insulated door can quickly pay for itself. In addition, insulated doors are often tougher and last longer than non-insulated doors.


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