No matter how durable your garage door and its parts, you’ll experience wear and tear over time. When you discover that your garage door has suddenly stopped working, it’s often the springs that are to blame. You may not want to wait or pay for a garage door repair technician to come out to your home, and you may think you can handle a broken spring on your own — but let us provide a word of warning before you get started on a do-it-yourself project. Here’s a look at what’s involved with a replacement garage door spring:

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 Springs are what make your garage door raise and lift so easily, whether by hand or through an automatic garage door opener. But these springs only work because they’re under a massive amount of tension. When springs break, this tension is unleashed and unpredictable. Unless you really know what you’re doing when replacing these springs, the tension can pose a serious danger to you and anyone helping you in repairs.

Knowledge and Experience: 

Garage door technicians also have experience and knowledge that can’t be replicated. No matter how much you read about garage door spring repair and safety procedures, you won’t be able to replicate the troubleshooting ability that only comes from years of experience. Garage door technicians show up with an ability to diagnose problems, recommend solutions and then to execute those solutions, even if something unexpected happens.


To properly repair a garage door spring, you need highly specialized tools that help the project remain safe and secure. Rarely does a homeowner have these specialized tools. After all, given that you’ll only need to replace springs every five to eight years, is it really worth the investment in specialized tools? Conversely, a garage door technician is working garage door springs day in and day out, and an investment in the right tools makes perfect sense.

Cost vs. Return: 

Given this information, is do-it-yourself repair really worth it? There’s no right or wrong answer. Many homeowners take great pride and joy in doing their own work, and that’s wonderful — if you know what you’re getting into beforehand and if you are fully prepared. If you’re going to proceed with your own garage door spring repair, make sure you’re well read on the process, that you have the right tools and that you have the patience to take on this important home improvement project.

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