Here in Arizona, cooling bills can really bust the budget. Is there anything that can be done to create better energy efficiency and reduce cooling costs? Perhaps you’ve considered insulating your garage door, and perhaps you’ve wondered: Are garage door insulation kits worth it? That’s a good question, and the answer really depends on your home and your circumstances. Here’s a look at insulation kits and a few key decision points as you consider your options.

What to Expect from a Kit?

Garage door insulation kits are among the most affordable, most practical solutions on the market. It’s next to impossible to retrofit a garage door with an interior layer of insulation, so these kits provide an attractive alternative. A kit that’s a good fit for your door should include the actual insulation cut into strips or panels that perfectly fit your existing door — insulation will be in either boards or rolls. Kits will also include tape or some other type of fastener, and some will even include something to help cut. Expect to pay somewhere between $50 and $80 for a good kit.

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Key Considerations

OK, so you’re sold on the idea of an insulation kit, but are all kits made the same? Not exactly. Remember, we’ve already discussed the options between boards and rolls of insulation. You’ll also have to choose the insulation with an R-value that makes it a good fit for you home and its needs. The R-value simply refers to the effectiveness of the insulation. The higher the R-value, the most efficient the insulation. You’ll also need to consider the weight that insulation adds to your door. Are your door and garage door opener rated to carry that extra weight and still perform at peak potential? Make sure to do your research in these areas before making a final decision.

Doing it from the Start

You may also want to consider the age of your garage door. Is there any chance you’ll need a replacement soon? If so, it may be more cost efficient (and time efficient) to put off insulating your existing garage door until you get a new one — and you can consider purchasing a pre-insulated garage door. Pre-insulated garage doors will have a more polished appearance, and you obviously save on the time and effort required to install insulation yourself. As with most home improvement decisions, there’s no right or wrong answer — there’s only what’s best for you, your family and your home.

Why Cookson Door Sales?

At Cookson Door Sales, we serve Arizona homeowners with a huge selection of garage doors, both insulated and non-insulated options. We can help you identify the best door for your home when taking into consideration your unique needs. Once you decide on the best product for your home, our technicians can take care of your installation needs quickly and effectively. For all your garage door needs in Arizona, choose Cookson Door Sales.

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